Dr. John Hansen is the head of Fred Hutchinson's Human Immunogenetics Program. He is the PI of the Hansen Lab in the Clinical Research Department which is a laboratory composed of both a research side and a clinical side. 

The research portion of the lab studies Graft vs. Host Disease (GVHD).  Studies include tolerance, severity, and the response of therapy or treatment failure to GVHD, along with gene expression for correlation with T-cell activation and apoptosis.  The research portion of the Hansen lab also collaborates with a variety of investigators at Fred Hutchinson including Dr. Stephanie Lee, Dr. Edus Warren, and Dr. Paul Martin.

The clinical side of the Hansen Lab is The Research Cell Bank (RCB).  The RCB processes blood samples for the research portion of the lab.  The RCB houses both a transplant genomics biorepository and an HLA reference biorepository.   The RCB also offers contract services, HLA reference standards, and transplant genomics samples for a fee to both internal and worldwide customers.

To inquire about services and general information on the Research Cell Bank, please visit their website. 

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