The Research of Dr. Antonio Bedalov

Supplemental Data

Supplemental Material
Bedalov, A., Hirao, M., Posakony, J., Nelson, M., and Simon, J. A. (2003) NAD+-Dependent Deacetylase Hst1p Controls Biosynthesis and Cellular NAD+ Levels in Saccharomysces cerevisiae. Mol. Cell. Biol. 23, 7044-7054

Microarray Data
Hirao M, J. Posakony, J, Nelson M, Hrubby H, Jung M, Simon J and A. Bedalov. Identification of selective inhibitors of NAD-dependent deacetylase using phenotypic screens in yeast. 2003 J Biol Chem. 278(52):52772-82

Telomere Database
Tonibelle Gatbonton, Maria Imbesi, Melisa Nelson, Joshua M. Akey, Douglas C. Ruderfer, Leonid Kruglyak, Julian Simon, Antonio Bedalov.Telomere length as a quantitative trait: Genome-wide survey of the deletion mutants and genetic mapping of the telomere length- control genes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Submitted.

To view Telomere Length Database:

  1. Click on: (Telomere Gene Index) to open gene list.
  2. Select the appropriate plate number corresponding to gene of interest.

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