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Philip Greenberg MD
Professor of Immunology and Medicine

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Postdoctoral fellows

Aude Chapuis
M.D. University of Lausanne, Switzerland
Medical Oncology Fellow, UW/FHCRC

Modulation of the host environment to increase the anti-tumor efficacy of adoptively transferred
T cells targeting metastatic melanoma. Combined strategies involving the adoptive transfer of
NY-ESO-1-specific CD8+ T cells with anti-CTLA4. Evaluation of the influence of anti-CTLA4 on transferred T cells and on the generation of responses to non-targeted tumor-associated antigens.

Thomas Schmitt
PhD University of Toronto

Research involves generating and optimizing expression vectors encoding high affinity
WTI-specific TCR genes for use in TCR gene therapy trials. Another research interest is the development of novel methods for the directed evolution of tumor specific TCRs in vitro.

Lab Supervisor

Natalie Duerkopp
Lab Supervisor

Responsible for supervising the day-to-day lab operation.  Directs all aspects of research performed by Research and Laboratory Technicians.

Research Technicians

Hieu Nguyen
Research Technician

Developing & generating tumor antigen specific T cells for clinical research.

Rahel Bezabhie
Research Technician

Generating T cell clonal products in the Cell Processing Facility for adoptive immunotherapy and provide support for the development of TCR gene therapy.

Undergraduate Students

Louise Badenhorst
Lab Aide

No photo Daniel Hunter 
Lab Aide
Administrative Support
No photo  Katie Connor
 No photo

Jackie Lo

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